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Meet Andrew: The Visionary Behind A.Carey Events

Updated: Feb 13

I wanted to first introduce myself to everyone! I'm Andrew, owner and lead planner of A.Carey Events. I want to introduce you to who I am and give you some insights about my life as a wedding planner.

I was born and raised in a small town in North Carolina! I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and lived in New York and Washington, DC for 12 years. I moved back to Chapel Hill in 2021, with my husband and daughter. 

A bit more about me and in no particular order: I'm an athlete, baker and chef, currently remodeling my 1983 home. I love to travel, I'm a Tarheel, disability advocate, I love being in the yard, and would describe myself as deep, passionate, fierce and creative.

How did I get the name A.Carey Events? My first name is Andrew and middle name is Carey. My middle name came from my maternal grandfather, Carey Washburn, and my daughter also shares our nam.. They are two of the strongest people I know (more on that in a future post!) and hence how I came up with A.Carey Events, a name that's deeply personal and rooted in love. 

I've been working in the event industry since college where I organized university events: homecoming, parades, dances, and fundraisers. I've always gotten joy from seeing people come together. From there, I worked in New York City and Washington, DC, ending up in the wedding and event industry. I've had the honor of working on hundreds of weddings, from elegant affairs to intimate gatherings. 

I planned my own wedding and was always "that friend" assisting family and friends with their weddings from planning and design, to helping the bride bustle her dress or making sure the band knows what's going on. I eventually started getting asked to plan and coordinate in a more formal capacity, and that's how my business started. 

I love getting to know couples throughout the process, making sure their dreams and wishes are executed with precision and planning. I love the creative side of weddings, especially keeping in mind the guest experience. I want your style to shine so you and your guests have lasting memories of the most perfect day! Reach out and let's get started working together.

Cheers! Andrew

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